Game Changer Pneumatic Walker Boot- Tall

$125.00 $95.00

Game Changer Pneumatic Walker Boot- Tall

Measure: Shoe size 

           Men's Shoe Size              Women's Shoe Size

SM         4.5 - 7                                    6 - 8
MD         7.5 – 10.5                             8.5 – 11.5
LG          11 – 12.5                              12 – 13.5
XL               13+                                             14+



Designed for the treatment of stable fractures and ankle sprains


Upgraded push to release air valve

Upgraded plastic technology – 20% lighter than the competition

Upgraded vacuum sealed pneumatic bladders to prevent air leaks

Easily adjustable air cells increase stability and compression while decreasing pain and swelling

Polymer molded upright struts conform to the leg providing greater comfort and increased durability

Rocker bottom and low profile heel facilitates a more natural gait pattern

Wider footbed provides a more comfortable fit

Cushioned heel for greater energy absorption

Additional strap provides padding to the ankle