Manumed Active Wrist Support

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Manumed active

Soft wrist support with stabilizing splint

Measure: Circumference of Wrist
size circumference (cm) circumference (inches)
I 13 – 15 5 ¼” – 6″
II 15 – 17 6 – 6 ¾”
III 17 – 19 6 ¾” – 7 ½”
IV 19 – 21 7 ½” – 8 ¼”


Wrist injuries, e.g.,. sprains, strains

Osteoarthritis of the wrist



Irritative conditions (post-traumatic, post-operative and rheumatic)

Mode of Action

The volar splint stabilizes and reduces stress on the wrist

The circular strap complements the stress relief provided by the compressive knit and the volar hand splint

Pinpoint pressure relief on the ulnar styloid process enhanced by the anatomically designed strap


Optimally sized volar hand splint offers maximum support, even for large hands

The hand splint is anatomically pre-shaped and can be adjusted individually

Anatomical strap design enables pinpoint pressure relief

Clima Comfort knit is actively breathing and reliably wicks moisture away from the skin to ensure the highest-wearing comfort

The elasticity and compression of the knit ensure that only four sizes fit all