Rebound Wrap Around Hinged Knee Brace

$125.00 $98.50

Rebound Knee Brace

Measure: Circumference 6" above mid-patella/knee cap

Size                        Measurement

XS                            11.5"-13.75"

SM                           13.75"-16"

MD                           16"- 18"

LG                             18"-20.5"

XL                              20.5"-22.5"                     


Mild to moderate sprains and  strains of the knee

For knee instability


Featuring our unique, 3-layer Cooltech™ fabric, the Rebound Knee Brace is highly breathable, reduces heat retention and dries ultrafast.

The Rebound Knee Brace stretches in extension and relaxes back to its natural shape in flexion, minimizing the popliteal bunching that causes skin irritation in other products.

Dual lower cruciate straps enable fine-tuned control of the anterior-posterior hinge placement and cinch the Rebound Knee Brace above the gastroc to reduce migration.

The reversible strapping of the Rebound Knee Brace can be set up to pull laterally-to-medially, medially-to-laterally, or a combination of both, depending on your specific objectives.