SmartSling Shoulder Abduction Pillow


Smart Sling- Shoulder Abduction Pillow

Measure- from elbow to end of closed fist (Inches)

SM    10 1/2"-13"

MD    13 1/4- 16"

LG    16"- 17 1/5"

Designed to fulfill three fundamental objectives: versatility, comfort, and ease of application. SmartSling's dynamic 3-in-1 design provides immobilization, abduction, and/or external rotation, resulting in reduced stocking and inventory management costs. SoftEdge™ strapping, a breathable mesh base material and a gussetted, chamoiscovered neck pad combine to increase patient comfort. Quickrelease buckles and trimmable, “no fray” strapping allow quick and customized fitting. Versatile. Comfortable. Easy. SmartSling.


Immobilization for rotator cuff repairs

Bankart repairs

Capsular shifts

Glenohumeral dislocations/subluxation

Soft tissue repairs/strains

Shoulder instabilities/injuries


Low-profile, streamlined fit and contemporary, sporty look improve patient comfort and compliance

Gussetted chamois neck pad contours to patient anatomy for improved comfort

Quick-release buckles for easier application and removal

Re-positionable thumb loops for improved fit and comfort

Included, optional axilla pillow helps distribute weight over a larger surface area and decreases pressure on the ulnar nerve