Sleeq AP


Sleeq AP

Universal fit, elegant design, unparalleled value


Acute and Chronic low back pain

Lumbar muscle weakness.

Low back sprains and strains

Mechanical or discogenic lumbar pain

Prophylactic low back support

Post-operative lumbar stabilization

Degenerative disc disease

Spinal blocks

Post-operative lumbar fusion stabilization


Spinal stenosis




Facet syndrome

Mode of Action

Lumbar braces significantly improve functional status, pain level, and pharmacologic consumption

SLEEQ’s state-of-the-art Tru-Glide™ tightening makes it easy to achieve optimal compression for the most effective pain relief

Advanced eco-friendly Q-Lex™ OrthoSport materials promote air flow to keep patients cool and dry

The low-profile, ventilated AeroFlex™ support system automatically conforms to patient’s anatomy for a custom fit, providing optimum comfort and support for pain management or operative treatment


26”-54+” waist standard (up to 62” with EXT extension)

No tools required

Adjustable for weight gain or loss

Ergonomically friendly ComfoGlide™ pull tabs allow for optimal compression

Aeroflex™ support panels can mold and conform to each patient

Medical-imaging friendly

Q-Lex™ (with Dri-Lex®) OrthoSport material keeps patients dry

Aeroflex™ ventilated support panels promote airflow

Repreve® certified recycled fibers in every SLEEQ