Lace Align Lumbar Orthosis


Lace Align LSO

This innovative design incorporates Outlast®, a hi-tech fabric that provides proactive temperature regulation to help manage heat and moisture beneath the brace for all-day comfort. Removable back panel allows brace to easily “step down” to a traditional back brace, offering moderate support and increased customer value. 


Measurement taken from waist or hip circumference. Use the larger of the two circumferences when selecting brace size.
30"45"- S/M
40"-60"- L/XL


Acute and Chronic low back pain

Lumbar muscle weakness.

Low back sprains and strains

Mechanical or discogenic lumbar pain

Prophylactic low back support

Post-operative lumbar stabilization

Degenerative disc disease

Spinal blocks

Post-operative lumbar fusion stabilization


Spinal stenosis




Facet syndrome

Mode of Action

Lace Align™ Lumbar Orthoses are designed to help stabilize and decompress the spine in patients recovering from surgery or injury. Rigid anterior and posterior panels limit flexion and extension and help protect and support the vertebrae and surrounding tissues. Slide-to-adjust sizing feature significantly reduces inventory requirements with only two sizes needed to fit the majority of patients.  


No tools required

Adjustable for weight gain or loss

Medical-imaging friendly