Thumb Spica Splint


Universal Thumb Spica Splint


Gamekeeper’s Thumb

DeQuervain’s Tendonitis

Selected Scaphoid Injuries

Post Cast Healing

Soft Tissue Injuries


The Universal Ryno Lacer II provides excellent comfort, immobilization and ease of application for the treatment of wrist and thumb injuries.


Lace Closure System

Unique lace closure design provides equal tension across all laces to easily generate uniform compression for unparalleled support. 


Universal Design

Dorsal stay casing is easily repositioned to fit a wide range of patient sizes.  In addition, the radial, dorsal and palmar aluminum stays provide superior immobilization of the wrist and thumb.


Optimum Comfort

The polypropylene felt liner and perforated suede allow moisture to evaporate away from the skin and the blue palmar pad cushions the thumb and palm for enhanced comfort. 


Made in the USA